Monday, December 15, 2008

Acts of Love by Judith Michael ***

This is a book I picked up at a library sale - not sure if someone recommended it or I just picked it up on a whim, never having heard of this author. Actually, it's authorS - a husband/wife team who writes romance.

This smacked of bestsellers I read in the 80s - maybe romance? not sure - that I didn't particularly like, although this one I'm rating 3 stars - "liked it". The hero and heroine are rich and famous and live in a world I can't exactly relate to - Broadway actress and Broadway director who never worked together but were linked by his grandmother who was her best friend. The way they talk, the way they each related to Constance, the grandmother - it never seemed real or realistic to me.

When Constance died, Luke (the director) found the letters that Jessica (the actress) had written to her over the years. Constance had always thought the two of them would hit it off and fall in love, but the 2 or 3 times she tried to fix them up it didn't work out. Luke married another woman, divorced her, and then had various shallow affairs over the years.

Jessica was in a tragic train accident after which she spent years having surgeries and physical therapy. Then she disappeared basically - dropped out of theater and life and lived as a hermit on an island in Washington state.

Luke read the letters Jessica had written and fell in love with her. He set out on a quest to find her. When he did, she first tried to keep him away, but then allowed him into her life, where he stirs up the passions she has kept leashed. But - she had to make it on her own to feel whole again, and went halfway around the world to do that.

Well - the story was ok but not riveting, and if you have an issue with books where the h/h spend very little time together, this book is not for you. I'm not inspired to glom this author (author team).

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