Friday, April 3, 2009

Mr. November by Lori Foster ***

This is the final story in the Men To The Rescue series (an offshoot to the PI series) by Foster. The first book, Caught In The Act, is about Mick the undercover cop and his heroine Del the mystery writer. I have it on audio. The second is Treat Her Right, featuring the EMT Zack, his daughter Dani and their heroine Wynn the 5'11" athletic physical therapist.

This one features Josh, the firefighter. He's been a womanizer for years - he just likes women, and likes to date around. Ok, sleep around. I wasn't as convinced as he was when he fixed on Amanda - the uptight, prissy woman spearheading the Firefighters Beefcake Calendar to raise funds for burn victims. You sorta have to read Treat Her Right to get the whole story, because it starts there with him complaining about her pestering him to be the cover/November model.

In his book, he's decided to fight fire with fire (heh heh) and come on to her, in a way meant to chase her off at first. Then Bam! he's gotta have her. He gets a whiff of her perfume (like he couldn't smell it before, when she irritated him?) and he wants her in bed, even though she's about as uptight and prudish as they come. (or don't come, heh heh, since she's frigid).

She has her secrets - ok, I won't spoil it except to say she swore off men completely after some emotional trauma left her unable to perform... aka frigid. Still, he wants her. He pushes her. He has to get to her, find out her secrets. He even tells his Friends With Benefits he's no longer available, he's a one-woman man. I'll just give one spoiler - there's a HEA.

Well, it was still fun in its own way, if not particularly a great read. 3 stars, Serial Readers Challenge.

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