Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn ****

This was another case of my finishing it on vacation and not writing the review right after reading, and now... In my mind, in the car, after finishing the audio book, I wrote this review as 5 Things I Loved About Ten Things, and 5 Things I didn't Love.


1) I loved that the hero is the secret author of the book that is read in It's In His Kiss starring Miss Butterworth
2) I loved that they even said the line "pecked to death by pigeons" from this novel which made me sputter with laughter
3) I loved that I laughed out loud several times during the read, including when they named his books.
4) The witty dialogue was so much more reminiscent of other Julia Quinn books I loved and re-read from time to time, and not so much of the last 3 which were not keepers for me.

I can't remember any of the others, including the things I didn't love. Annabelle is the heroine - from a large but impoverished family, and as the eldest daughter, she feels obliged to enter into a marriage of convenience that will bring much needed funds in for her brothers and sisters. Sebastian is the hero - he's the nephew and heir apparent of the Earl who wants Annabelle, mainly because he is in need of an heir - any heir except Sebastian.

Oh, I remembered something I didn't love - Annabelle's grandmother. Ish, she was such a bad role model! But I guess she had to be to fit into the whole story. The Plot: Annabelle meets Sebastian, accidentally, in the garden during a ball, while trying to get away from the ancient Earl and his roving hands. They kiss... and then Annabelle and Sebastian go about falling in love while he keeps his books a secret and she tries to keep away from the Earl.

Anyway, it was light and mostly funny, and I'm glad I ended up spending my audible credit on it after all. I first got it from the library, but it expired and I only got about 2 hours into the book before it locked me out!

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