Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finger Prints by Barbara Delinsky **

This one was the best of the 3 in the book but wasn't good. It's closer to Romance than the first 2, maybe it's a romantic suspense.

Robyn Hart/Carly Quinn is in the witness protection program. She has a new identity and a new life as Carly, the Boston school teacher, instead of Robyn, the Chicago investigative reporter who was the state's main witness in a big arson case.

In her new identity, she's constantly feeling alone and on the run til she meets new neighbor, lawyer Ryan Cornell, and falls in love with him. But of course, she can't tell him her real identity - or, well I guess she can but doesn't.

So they get to know each other, but she keeps her distance emotionally from him. Meanwhile, there's Sam, the US Marshal assigned to her case, and Sheila, her bodyguard in Chicago who decides to relocate to Boston and becomes her friend and sometimes bodyguard.

There's intrigue and suspense as - ok, a spoiler but it's ssoooo obvious you can't miss is - Sheila becomes a turncoat because she's never gotten what she deserved in life. Sheila concocts a plan to make it look as if Carly committed suicide, but bungles it, and dies in the process. And Carly and Ryan get their HEA.

Dang. This book just wasn't very good, and my whole reason for reading Delinsky was for a comfort read similar to Lake News and An Accidental Woman. 2 stars.

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