Thursday, February 19, 2009

Within Reach by Barbara Delinksy **

This is the 2nd novel in the hardcover "3 complete novels" book. While it wasn't quite as bad as the first on (A Woman Betrayed), it did have the adultery hot button and wasn't much better a story.

The heroine, Danica, is trapped in a loveless marriage. She meets the hero Michael at the beach house she and her husband bought in Kennebunkport, a house she was hoping the 2 of them could get away to and rekindle the marriage. Yeah, well, the clues were all there - her husband was an in-the-closet gay politician using her as cover so he could get a big political appointment. She hated politics, having been raised in a political family where politics came before her. But she married this much older guy hoping to please Daddy. A recipe for imminent disaster, since Daddy will never approve of anything anyway.

Yada yada yada, Michael Buchanan is from a publishing family, whose patriarch hated Danica's father's politics and was vocal about it in his newspapers, just to make it more sinister. She and he fall deeply in love but she manages to keep it platonic until her husband refuses to divorce her. Then they go all the way and conduct a slightly clandestine affair. (roll eyes here)

I guess it was written in the 80s and that must be why it seemed so weird that she couldn't just divorce him? Or maybe it was the Daddy thing. Well, then she's tipped off about his sexuality and holds that up as her trump card.

There's some political and legal intrigue, not much, and then she gets her divorce and she and Michael live HEA.

It wasn't that great. 2 stars.

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