Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Kissing Game by Suzanne Brockmann ****

I've been getting audio books for free from the East Baton Rouge library, but their selection isn't that great in general, and it's even worse for books that will work on my iPod. As a result, I ended up buying a cheap MP3 player (Sansa Clip 2 GB - it's a nice little player, too!). While I like Brockmann's work, this one wasn't on my "must have" list but since it came up on the EBR free download list, I got it!

It's a short book (288 pages - about 5 hours) so it didn't take long to listen to. Frankie grew up in the Florida Keys with her best friend Layla Hunt, and Layla's brother Simon. While she's had a crush on Simon since she was a teenager, she knows he's a rake and a rogue - his MO is to woo a tourist for a week or 2, then drop her. As far as Frankie can tell, he's slept with almost every woman on the island - except for her!

Simon has had a secret crush on Frankie too - since she turned 18 and he noticed her as a woman. But she never seemed interested, so he just flitted from relationship to relationship, getting out before getting "trapped". When Frankie needs his help with a case (she's a private investigator/taxi cab driver), he gets to play her side-kick - and as a result gets to read her diaries from when she grew up. (see, the case involved someone who came to the island in the summer several years earlier, and she thinks she can pinpoint the exact dates by reading her diary) There he discovers her writing about her crush - and her secret fantasy they would one day be married. So he decides maybe it's time he admits his feelings before she turns to a former boyfriend.

It's a fun, short book - no suspense, just pretty straight-forward romance - friends as kids who have been avoiding their feelings for each other. The narrator was good, so I'm going with 4 stars on this one.

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