Saturday, July 26, 2008

blogging blogging blogging

well, I've just been given the great honor of having an award given to my blog by my Shelfari buddy Cindyw! You can read her blog here. Thanks Cindy!! Seems there's a lot of us out there reading and blogging. There's some rules and stuff about this award, passing it on and stuff - I'll try to get to them later, ok?

I'm not much for doing a lot of the blogging type things - like adding widgets, and running contests and stuff. I really just do the blog for keeping track of my thoughts on books, and then I started listing it in my profiles on Shelfari and PBS ( Shelfari is a sort of combination networking and book-cataloguing site. PBS is where I get almost all my books - it's a swapping site, with an active forum that uses almost the worst forum format, second only to the awful Shelfari forum format. Not that the people posting or the actual posts are bad, but sheesh, could it be any less user-friendly??? Oh, these 2 are in the same league as the dreadful Romance Forum software. Those Amazon, Shelfari and PBS website developers need to switch to something GOOD like over at AAR. There are several flavors of good bulletin board/forum software, so I don't have a clue why those big sites can't figure it out.

I do read romance blogs, but to be perfectly honest, I find it difficult to read websites with dark backgrounds and light type - sorry. I peruse the Big Ones like Smart Bitches, and Dear Author and some others from time to time, rarely if ever commenting. I may have to branch out and read more just to keep in the loop. But I plan to keep mine focused mostly on my books and movies - it's just my thoughts anyway.

Anyway, thanks again Cindy! I'm honored! see ya on Shelfari!

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