Friday, July 25, 2008

Two of a Kind by Nora Roberts

This is a 2-in-1 book containing the novellas Impulse and The Best Mistake. Both claim to be stories of summer loves - the first, Impulse, is about an accountant Rebecca who decides her life has been too boring and predictable, so she sells everything she owns and takes a trip to Greece. She meets Greek tycoon Stephen and has a whirlwind affair. She decides she has been lying to him because she didn't own up right away that she wasn't worldly and traveled, and worst of all, she was a virgin (which he finds out soon enough). Of course, he hasn't been 100% open with her either, letting her believe he was an olive farmer when he was a multi-millionaire businessman. Yeah, he owned the olive grove - and the 2 hotels - and a bunch of other stuff too.

The Best Mistake involves bachelor Coop renting the upstairs apartment from single mom Zoe. There were hints of the Ethan Quinn/Chesapeake Bay story here, since Zoe had to dress provocatively and waitress in a bar to help support herself, and Coop had some Ethan-like opinions about it. I guess since she wrote both of them, there wasn't any plagiarizing going on...

In all, it was an ok, short read - I tried not to get icked out by Stephen's Greek alpha male behavior - you know, worrying that he wouldn't turn out to be the best husband material for a modern American woman after all. It's fantasy! Fiction! Get over it! (That's what I told myself anyway.) I wonder if it started the whole Greek billionaire thing that's going on now...

3 stars.

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