Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In the Shadow of Midnight

This is book 2 in Ms Canham's Robin Hood trilogy. As I said about Through A Dark Mist, book 1, it isn't about Robin Hood as much as it encompasses the time, the place and some of the characters in a big, over the top, swash buckling adventure.

The heroine is Ariel de Clare. To be honest, she was my least favorite of the heroines in the series. She was spoiled, too outspoken for her own good, and danced dangerously close to TSTL - Too Stupid To Live - in her actions. Ok, ok, we get it, she's as good as the boys in shooting arrows and wearing boys clothing and all that. Sure, sure, all the men who've been paraded past her as potential husbands haven't lived up to her expectations for one reason or another. And she has a brother who would move heaven and earth to keep her satisfied, as well as an uncle she's got wrapped around her cute little finger. I found her annoying as hell and would have had her spanked a time or 2 before she got as old as she was in the book.

Meanwhile, that poor little Princess Eleanor has gotten herself abducted by her uncle again. Will she never learn? Speaking of learning, she could have taken a lesson or 2 from Ariel in getting her way. But Eduard, the bastard son of the Black Wolf, aka Lucien Wardieu, aka a couple of other names and titles, has vowed to save her.

Of course, we all know he only thinks of her as a sister, but what's poor Ariel to think when she discovers he carries Eleanor's ring next to his heart, and hears that he has vowed to save her at any cost? Not that a lowly Bastard is good enough for her royal blood, mind you! (see the dilemma here? yeah, she was annoying)

Eduard accompanies Ariel, her loving brother, her intended groom's brother and someone else... (?) back from Brittany, or Normandy - well, ok, modern France - to Wales, where along the way they will save Eleanor before dropping Ariel with her groom-to-be. Oh, assuming he manages to get rid of his, er, WIFE.

OK, I really did like the story except when Ariel was being obnoxious - plus it's best to read the whole trilogy so you get all the characters placed and in place for the final book where we figure out about the whole Robin Hood thing.

4 stars

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