Monday, August 4, 2008

Be My Baby encore

I was in the mood for some comfort - you know, the mac-n-cheese of reading, so I picked up one I knew would do the job: Susan Andersen's Be My Baby. I already reviewed it, so no need to rehash it all here. I'd love to have heard narrator supreme Kate Fleming read this book, because I know she would have done justice to the accents. Unfortunately, Ms. Fleming is no longer with us, which is a terrible tragedy on a number of levels, not just for the audio book world.

Last August, I listened to The Tin Roof Blowdown, by James Lee Burke. It's a Dave Robicheaux mystery, and it was read by actor Will Patton. He nailed the south Louisiana and New Orleans accents (except for a few notable exceptions...) and would also be a good candidate for this book, assuming he could do Juliet's Boston blue blood heritage proud as well. (One of Patton's notable exceptions in his otherwise spot-on pronunciations: he tried to Cajunize the name of Cameron Parish. Those of us raised in south Louisiana know it's plain CAM'run, but he kept saying Cam - ROHNG, you know that French way of not exactly pronouncing the final N but sorta nasalizing it?)

Be My Baby worked its charm on me and I'm feeling much comforted knowing Juliet and Beau got their happy ending all worked out. Plus I managed to allow myself to let go of 2 favorites I recently read (Duchess by Night and Your Scandalous Ways) to get more PBS credits because God knows I need to add more books to my TBR mountain!

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