Monday, August 18, 2008

Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard ****

I got this in a 2-for-1 book with Son of the Morning, and read it first.

This one is a contemporary that takes place in the South - a South I'm not sure really exists, where people still live in the Big House with a large extended family headed by a formidable matriarch who can trace her genealogy to all the important and good Southern families in the area. This matriarch also runs the Family Business that is rich, powerful and growing.

Hey, I grew up in the South (on the grounds of a plantation, mind you!) and I'm not sure that "Dallas" world ever did exist.

Regardless, you have to buy the concept to get the story, so I paid and went inside with popcorn and a soda and enjoyed the ride.

Well, mostly enjoyed. There's some truly icky moments involving incest that made me wince and look away. And our beloved heroine walked a very narrow line between doormat and reasonable actions.

I'm not gonna recap the story - there's a heroine and a hero, and they have to go through a lot of bad things, wrong accusations, and heartache before they can admit to their feelings for each other, overcome the evil past and face a bright future together.

And yet - I rated it 4 stars because it worked its magic on me, and had me feeling and rooting for the HEA.

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