Monday, September 22, 2008

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie *****

ooooops I slipped in one more book before my trip - and it was great! I didn't really want to take this hard cover book on the plane (weight and size) but I really wanted to read it, so I started it (thinking maybe I'd finish it in the 3-hr drive to the airport) and couldn't put it down.

It was a delight! Min, our not-stick-thin heroine, allows herself to get picked up, which started as a bet between Cal, our picture-perfect hero, and her ex, just to make her ex mad. It's all about taking a chance on love - and the gamble that is life.

Don't have time to put down more thoughts so I'll just say I loved it - I laughed out loud several times - I found it sweet, and believable, and romantic, and I was rooting for Min the entire time. Not once did she push any buttons for me - she was credibly sharp and witty and loyal and at times deep - and when she was mad, I was mad - and she stuck to her guns, as much as possible anyway. What person doesn't turn into an 8-year-old when confronted with her mother?

gotta go, time to finish packing.


Dev said...

I love, love, love this story. This and Welcome to Temptation are my favorite Crusie books.

Glad you enjoyed it!!

aunt rowena said...

oh yeah, Welcome to Temptation is another 5-star read for me too!