Tuesday, September 16, 2008

blog babbles

wow - who knew?

well, me I guess. There's this HUGE book-review-blog world out there, and here I was just blogging it for 2 reasons

1. my friend John thinks my emails are funny and suggested I blog

2. blogging my feelings about books and an occasional movie helps me keep track of what I've read and why I rated it the way I did

I wasn't really joining the revolution so much as just walking in the edges of the surf of the huge ocean of book bloggers. And truthfully, I'm having some fun just jotting my thoughts down, and I've met some great folks online who share my passion for reading romance too who occasionally drop in to comment on my posts.

But this whole BBAW Book Blogger Appreciation Week opened my eyes - I truly had NO idea! None, that the phenomenon was so huge and so many people are out there competing, and offering free books and having contests and just having fun!

What little I was reading (Dear Author, Smart Bitches, Shelfari/PBS friends' blogs) was already taking up valuable reading time - now, will I ever get to read books again? I've added some more blogs to my sidebar. Keeping up with all of them will take hours. Must get higher paying job with fewer hours.

I'm also feeling a little cheesy for my complete lack of imagination in setting up my blog. Back in the day, I was a pioneer in web page authoring - I mean, I had a big ol' web page for a different subject back in 1994. In fact, I used a B&W monitor for creating it and got negative feedback on some graphics because frankly I couldn't even see them in color. Had to buy a new computer. I even got a mention in Texas Monthly for it... whoo hoo, big whoop, now I'm using canned themes and no graphics.

Anyways here I am with my generic gathering-of-thoughts blog. I never did tell my friend John I took him up on his suggestion, cuz I don't know if he'd actually appreciate how I put my twist on it (romance book reviews).

So - kudos to all you incredibly talented Book Bloggers!! And to think the news reports that nobody reads anymore!

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