Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Night at the Movies: Heart Like a Wheel

I got a Wish List movie from Swap-a-DVD - Heart Like a Wheel. This is a favorite, and PD was pretty pumped about getting our own copy. It's the story of race-car-driver Shirley Muldowney, starring Bonnie Bedelia. It's a 5 star watch and hey, now we own it! There were a lot of scenes neither of us remember seeing, but I have 2 theories about that. 1, when we watched it on TV, we never managed to start at the beginning, and 2, I think they probably cut some scenes when they show it on TV. Then there's that issue where someone whose name will not be mentioned but the initials are PD would change channels during commercials, then if we ever got back to the movie, we inevitably missed something.

I sure don't miss channel surfing.

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