Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Don't Go by Susan Andersen ****

Baby, Don't Go by Susan Andersen. Romance, some funny moments, a bit of suspense.

Andersen has a tendency, apparently, to write cop books - in this one, the heroine is the (ex) cop Daisy who is now a Security Specialist aka bodyguard. The hero is her former step-brother Nick who also took her virginity 9 years earlier, and is now a photographer who captured something he shouldn't in a photo, and needs security to keep him safe while he deals with the hired goons trying to get the negatives.

It really isn't that squicky that he was her step-brother (former); their parents had already divorced and she was of age when The Deflowering happened 9 years before. Her memory: it was a passionate but Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am moment that broke her heart; his memory: he felt too much, told her he loved her in the heat of the moment, panicked and ran.

This is my 2nd Andersen book - the first 1 I read was Baby, I'm Yours, which was lots of fun and I even read it twice. I'm glomming her backlist now. She writes fairly implausible scenarios that you go with because they're a romp, and to be honest, her love scenes are Hot, which makes you keep reading. Who can resist a hero that decides he's in love with the heroine and keeps telling her over and over?? 4 stars, not 5, because frankly towards the end, it got a little tooooo implausible and I was thinking: The whole I'll-do-anything-even-sell-my-soul-to-the-devil-for-my-sister thing went a little too far. I mean, what she did was really wrong, and, well, slightly contrived.

By the by, my lips are feeling a little virtually bruised from all the lips slamming together - I seem to be reading a lot of lip-slamming scenes in several books. Sigh.

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