Monday, May 19, 2008

tonight's movie: The World is Not Enough

We did a re-watch of James Bond The World Is Not Enough. Well, PD did a re-watch - I read Shadow Dance, and looked up from time to time to catch pieces of it. I do like Pierce Brosnan as Bond. The plot was something about a woman who had been a kidnap victim, and some plutonium and a bomb. The kidnap-victim-woman ends up being the bad guy (Bond boffed her anyway). The opening credits show over some very 60s looking dancing girls with what looks like mud running all over them - ? not sure what that was about, except maybe to recall early Bond films from the 60s. Anyway, I was too involved in my book to keep track of the plot - there was gambling, and a sexy young scientist (Bond boffs her too). Oh, and Q and some new inventions, as well as a Q backup; M and Miss Moneypenny; and some other villains thrown in to confuse the issue, you know, the villains who aren't really as bad as The Villain.

At some point Bond does say the title line in response to something, which is where it comes from, I'm sure. Of course, I thought "world enough and time" and mourned for The Time Traveler's Wife.... sigh.

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