Thursday, October 23, 2008

The PBS Top 100 Romance Novels

OK - it's Top 100 Mania!

A PBS member has decided to formulate another 100 Romance Novel list using the votes of PBS members (that's, not Public Broadcasting by the way). We're each submitting our top 10.

I'll list them here when she publishes it!

My top ten that I sent in, in no particular order:

Only His by Elizabeth Lowell
A Season To Be Sinful by Jo Goodman
The Indiscretion by Judith ivory
Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer
To Die For by Linda Howard
Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard
True Confessions by Rachel Gibson
Be My Baby by Susan Andersen
Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
First Lady Susan by Elizabeth Phillips

I had a sort of plan for choosing. I scrolled through my 5 star reviews first, then my "favorites" list in Bookpedia. I had this idea I would do a comparison grid, but then I randomly marked some of them as True Keepers - ones I've already gone back and reread. I got to 9 marked as True Keepers, and then picked a 10th randomly, without ever really comparing them.

Then I realized I have never actually updated my "favorites" list in Bookpedia, and completely left out Julia Quinn!!! I definitely would have added When He Was Wicked to this list, but I'm not sure instead of which one (maybe Only His by Elizabeth Lowell, although I have read it more than once and do love it). And there's nothing on the list by some of my favorite authors like Nora Roberts and Suzanne Brockmann. And I have listened to Sarah Mayberry's All Over You and Hot for Him probably 3 times each, same for the entire Chicago Stars Series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I guess it just isn't possible to fit 30 books in a list of 10, unless you choose a series?

I didn't even bother to list anything by Diana Gabaldon. Of course, I'm completely enthralled with the entire Outlander series, and have read and listened to them more than 3 times all the way through. But I don't really consider them romance, although they make it on all the lists.

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