Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Read For Charity: 100,000 Book Challenge by eHarlequin

I read on PBS about the eHarlequin.com 100,000 Book Challenge and the contribution they (and we) can make to literacy. Here's the quote directly from the eHarlequin site:

Once again, eHarlequin.com challenges you to new reading heights. IF we can read 100,000 books in total, we can beat our 2007 record and read a mind-boggling, and unprecedented 100,000 books! But the great news this year is that for every book we read, we'll be donating a book to the National Center for Family Literacy to benefit their literacy programs.

How does it work? Well - you have to sign up for an eHarlequin.com account - which is free. Just give them your name and email and create a password, and Bam! You're a member. Then you can start your book review blog, and submit entries using the handy navigation bar on the right-hand side of your account page (use Book Review not Blog Entry). I had to look around for the Rules, but when I did finally find them, they are asking that at least 50% of the reviews you submit are Harlequin books, either in print, audio or eformat. Their "online reads" do not count. There's other rules, about anthologies and such, but basically if you want to help out and you have some Harlequin reviews to submit, you can submit one non-Harlequin review for each Harlequin review you do.

Their format is similar to this blogger entry, except they ask for Book Title, imprint, Author, type of book and review. I copied/pasted my reviews I'd already done here - that made for some weird line breaks, so then I redid it by first copy/pasting into Word, then copy/pasting into their data entry box, which worked. Even though you can see formatting like italics, it doesn't translate over so you have to add that, using the same type of formatting as we have here. I found a discussion where the consensus was that putting the Title and Author in the Title entry box was a good idea, so that is how I did it is well. My username there is chiricahuagal (like PBS).

Anyway - join me! Join up and post some entries and let's get that review count up to 100,000! I cannot recall what the deadline was - the eHarlequin site is a little confusing to me, and I'm just jumping around.

Now that I've submitted 3 Blaze reviews, I can add 3 non-Harlequins. And I have at least 3 more Blazes that I've read, plus who knows how many other Harlequins?

Wow - I ended up finding more Harlequins among my reviews, like Jennifer Crusie's Anyone But You (HQN Mira) and Linda Howard's A Game of Chance (Silhouette) and Loving Evangeline (also Silhouette) - plus I have 5 audio books by Harlequin that I read before I started reviewing that I can probably remember well enough to write something. So far I've submitted 5 Harlequin and 5 non-Harlequin reviews.

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