Saturday, October 4, 2008

Skin Deep by Nora Roberts **

This is the third book in the O'Hurley series, and I'm afraid it just gets worse and worse for me. I hated Chantel - I hated the narrator's voice for her (Ok, here's the positive - she kept the exact same voice for Chantel throughout all 4 books, so at least she was consistent.)

This one was sort of a suspense plot - there's a crazy stalker in Chantel's life that we got a hint of in 1 or both of the previous books. Of course, we mustn't share this info with the police or our family because they'd worry or something. And Chantel's a major movie star - so, not sure why not to involve the police, but there you are. Chantel finally shares the secret with her agent, who hires his friend Quinn as bodyguard/security. Quinn's an asshole from the word go - he was relentlessly sexist and called her some nickname from the word go (was it Angel? can't recall now) that was annoying. Maybe it was only annoying in the narrator's asshole voice she gave him. So, I hated his voice too. Not sure why I read the whole thing, to be honest.

I was surprised by the unveiling of the stalker's identity, although I did not fall for the one she tries to make you believe it is in a classic suspense re-direction attempt that failed for me. I did not feel the chemistry there between her and Quinn, and I felt the way they got together was completely contrived and unbelievable.

Bad narration or bad story? Maybe some of both, but I'm going with 2 stars - not up to my standards even for mediocre.

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