Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Month!!!

I had a job interview June 2 (after waiting anxiously since April 24 when I submitted my resume), got the job, drove back and forth from Baton Rouge to Houston 3 times, rented an apartment, and now have to pack up and move (again!). I've been doing a bit of reading, but with all the visiting and such, reading time has been cut down to the bone. I did audio books in the car except when I got sleepy, then I had to turn on music and sing along to stay awake!

So, I finished the Chesapeake Bay trilogy on audio, finished Smooth Talking Stranger by Kleypas on audio, and ... what else? I dunno, will have to back track and update the blog as soon as I'm settled (say, mid-July). I'm moving next weekend, going to visit my parents during the week of July 1, then starting the new job July 6.



Heather D said...

Congratulations on the new job and apartment! sorry you have to move again though. I hate moving!!! Good luck!

Cindy W said...

Congrats and Good luck!!! I was wondering about you! PS I am finally reading Outlander!!!

Cindy W said...

How are you doing??!! Hope all is well! Cindy