Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood ****

This was a good book, especially the ending! I think this was her first (published) book - and I can see traces of her trademark writing style and conceits in it. I especially noticed how the heroine tried to manipulate (for want of a better word) the hero, in the way that many of her heroines do, not by telling him how to do things but by showing him, for instance in her trying to get him to accept her shows of affection as being something she saw her parents doing. In some of her later books, the heroines became somewhat overwhelming with this conceit, but it was more subtle in this book.

The book takes place in medieval England.

The "gentle warrior" describes both the hero and the heroine - Elizabeth is also warrior-like, with her ability to shoot arrows and her courage and determination to get revenge for the massacre of her parents and siblings. She and her youngest brother witnessed the slaughter and she managed to hide them in the woods until the hero, Geoffrey, came to claim the property. The brother, about age 7, is so traumatized that he does not remember her or what happened.

Geoffrey hears her story, where she claims that her uncle is behind the massacre, and vows to find the actual culprit and bring justice. Elizabeth and Geoffrey get married (ok, it has been a few days since I finished it, and it took me several days to read it, what with driving back and forth to Houston and all, so I can't recall how they got to the point of marrying) - Geoffrey believes his marrying her will not only protect her and the property, but that he will also be able to control her. He doesn't know much about marriage and relationships, something Elizabeth tries to teach him. So they spend a lot of time at odds with each other, him trying to control her and her trying to train him.

The ending was really funny and touching, and once again brought a good book up to a great read! So I went with 4 stars - really liked it. Sorry, not much of a review but maybe this is enough to remind me of the plot...


Heather said...

I liked this book, however I think that The Prize was better.

emeraldfire said...

I'd like to give you something, Rowena: